A car parked on the side of a building

Aerio Suzuki Car Review 

This is a review of the Aerio Suzuki. Pros: Roomy Fits a Family car of four Great Gas Mileage Inexpensive Cons: Recalls The indoor parts are cheaply made Expensive to replace parts Noisy engine The sedan known as the 2003 Aerio Suzuki, is not only…

A car parked in a parking lot

Car Comparison 

2010 Mini Cooper Convertible Vs. 2010 VW Beetle Convertible 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible vs. 2010 VW Beetle Convertible Beach battle The battle of two hot cars – the 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible and the 2010 VW Beetle Convertible: Sporty, funky and just plain yummy the…