A car parked in a parking lot

My Next Car? 

While covering the New York International Auto Show for Rovers Magazine I stopped by the Classic Car Gallery in Southport, CT. Land Rover friends Tim Smith and Kevin Murphy handle the mechanical and technical end of the shop while the owners happily buy and sell…

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The Video Says It All 

Somebody at Hagerty – the classic car insurance people – had a great idea for a clever video. Thanks to Autoweek for promoting it through their daily email blast. And for you to have the extra funds for insurance premiums, you might want to consider…

A car parked in a parking lot

Back to the Future 

It’s been a while since my last blog entry; I plead a crazy summer of 24/7 work, demands of Rovers Magazine, and fatigue. There are lots of classic car stories to catch up one, but this one finally pushed me to post. Sorry but I…

A person riding on the back of a blue car

They Don’t All Have to Be Gems 

If you’re a British car fan you have to adore the major British classic car magazines, Classic & Sports Cars and Thoroughbred & Classic Cars. The former seems more oriented towards those who drive their cars; the latter caters more to those who collect cars. Together they’re wickedly…

A car parked on the side of a road

A Life Well Led 

Word came today of the death of John Fitch, age 95, in Connecticut. His influence on the classic cars I admire and the sports car racing I enjoy, cannot be underestimated. We’re a lesser world without him. For Corvair enthusiasts John Fitch took the early…

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The End of Lancia? 

I’m not upset about the departure of Suzuki from the US market but losing Lancia would hurt. As reported in Hemmings and elsewhere, Lancia’s parent company, Fiat, now wonders aloud whether it cares to continue this manufacturer renown for its engineering excellence. To protect yourself…

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Land Rover and Aston Martin? 

Might this storied nameplate join the Leaping Cat and the Green Oval under Tata? That’s the report published yesterday in AM, an online UK resource for automobile dealers. Their report states that the current majority owners, a Kuwaiti investment group, would like to sell their…

Diagram, engineering drawing

A Pioneer in Turbocharging 

When Chevrolet decided that the Corvair, its 1960’s “economy car,” didn’t really fill that niche, it reacted rather quickly. By 1962 the Chevy II appeared and the Corvair variants, such as the station wagon and the black rubber mat-no chrome-underpowered “fleet models,” should disappear. The…

A car parked in a field

Le voiture parfait 

I’m an unapologetic fan of the Citroen 2CV, a simple yet elegantly engineered car that – like many classics – outlived its intended lifespan. The 2CV became Citroen’s answer in post-WW II France to the Renault 4CV, but it many ways, it’s closer to my…

A house covered in snow

715 Miles in a ’66 Corvair 

Last week I completed a 715 mile round-trip from Maine to southwestern Connecticut in a 46-year old car notoriously labeled as “Unsafe at Any Speed.” Yes, it’s the little maroon one buried in the snow in this photo. The decision to drive the Corvair on…