A car parked in a field

Le voiture parfait 

I’m an unapologetic fan of the Citroen 2CV, a simple yet elegantly engineered car that – like many classics – outlived its intended lifespan. The 2CV became Citroen’s answer in post-WW II France to the Renault 4CV, but it many ways, it’s closer to my…

A house covered in snow

715 Miles in a ’66 Corvair 

Last week I completed a 715 mile round-trip from Maine to southwestern Connecticut in a 46-year old car notoriously labeled as “Unsafe at Any Speed.” Yes, it’s the little maroon one buried in the snow in this photo. The decision to drive the Corvair on…

A group of people playing basket ball

Importance of sports in your life. 

The sports are one of the forms of competitive of the physical activity through the casual and organized participation which will be providing entertainment to the participants and others. In this article, you will know about the types, benefits, and importance of sports. What are…


Car Dent Repair Methods 

A common car dent repair method involves using a dowel. These can be placed around dents and pulled until they are removed. You can use hot glue and a dowel to remove the dent. You can then apply rubbing alcohol or heat to the dowel…