This is a review of the Aerio Suzuki.



Fits a Family car of four

Great Gas Mileage




The indoor parts are cheaply made

Expensive to replace parts

Noisy engine

The sedan known as the 2003 Aerio Suzuki, is not only affordable but although looks small on the outside, offers quite a bit of room and storage inside. This car can sit five people comfortable, although if you are planning on having a full car, make sure you have kids in the back seat, instead of adults. If you are looking into buying a new car, playing some fun sports betting games via UFABET online could totally help you out. 

Recall List

Our car was indeed on the recall list; although we would not have known this if we hadn’t done research on our vehicle after having several problems. When we took the vehicle in to the Suzuki shop, not only was our car on the list, but they had to replace the entire engine. The downfall of getting your Suzuki checked was the dealer told us they would check to see if ours matched the necessities to be on the recall list. If it didn’t match, we would have had to pay the dealer over eight hundred dollars for the time. Thankfully, our car was on the recall list.


The interior of the Suzuki was definitely not made from quality parts. How we know this as at different times parts have broken, and it was not due to carelessness or not taking care of the vehicle. These were not little, fix it yourself problems, but the kind of parts that require going into the shop kind–expensive being the middle word.


I would love to say that this vehicle has lots of pep, but if you are looking for a sporty car that will race from zero to sixty quickly, this car isn’t for you. You are lucky if this car gives any pep, although for a small sedan, or economy model, this vehicle does good to hit over seventy. After you hit the seventy-five, the engine starts getting louder.


The trunk offers a semi larger space, with areas on both sides to hold things in place. Although this is not larger as other car trunks, for this vehicle, and for a family of four, this car is adequate. With the split-folding rear seat to increase cargo space, your small trunk becomes a larger trunk.


Although the Aerio is equipped with a six CD changer, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, a rear window defroster, intermittent wipers, a split-folding rear seat. It also includes power steering, windows and mirrors. This economy vehicle is not only affordable, but makes a perfect car for younger families.