The Toyota Camry has been around for years, and it has always been associated with reliability and being family friendly. These are good qualities, and this is the major reason that the Camry has been among the best selling car models in the world. This car has been around for years, and many owners have been able to put extensive mileage on them, and still receive a high resale value. Expect to pay more for a used Camry, than for some new cars, and it is logical to believe that you’ll be able to drive it for over 200, 000 miles. While this reputation is deserved, the car always seemed to be boring. That is why Toyota redesigned it, and it is now a much more exciting car than previous models. If you are looking to buy like this, you would need to save some money. Alternatively, you could look into playing 해외축구갤러리 and try to win a decent amount of cash. 

Japanese engineers deserve a lot of credit, as this is a stunningly beautiful car. It has a sporty appearance to it, while providing curves and structure that suggest it is from Germany. It looks a bit like the redesigned Honda Accord, but it has a bit more of aggressive styling. This is a huge improvement, and it could be considered sexy, unlike the old Camry’s. Those could be described as “boxy but good,” as Dan Akroyd said in a Saturday Night Live satire of Volvo. There is no boredom here, and with a choice of four and six cylinder engines, anyone can find a Camry that will suit their needs.

I test drove the CE edition, which is the value based model of Camry. It had a sticker price of $18,900, and its engine was a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder block. While I do hope to try the six cylinder, which I have heard is a lot of fun, I greatly enjoyed the 158 horsepower pushed out by this engine. It is more than adequate, and has a throaty growl that I’ve never heard in a Toyota before. This occurred during strong acceleration, and it mellowed while idling or at slower speeds. Engine power is not a problem, and the tires squeal when floored from the line. While it will not beat a sports car, it has enough strength to allow for safe merging on city streets or a major interstate. Even with this spirited performance, the gas efficiency is excellent at 24 mpg city/33 highway.

The automatic transmission shifted smoothly, and without any hesitation at any speed. Steering is a breeze, and maneuvering the car will not cause any problems for anyone. If I was to pick a family car to engage in sharp turns, I would pick this vehicle. It was so much fun to take U-Turns in, as it required minimal effort. The ABS braking system is incredible, and among the best I’ve seen in fairly large sedans. Although weather conditions were perfect, I would bet that these brakes will stop flawlessly anytime.

I like how smooth the ride is. It seems to float on air, and the shocks are able to take a pounding, without causing a lot of suffering. Road noise is kept to a minimum, at all speeds. You can hear conversations without problems, and I believe that this quality is similar to higher priced vehicles that I have driven. It is also an improvement of older Camry’s, which sometimes required some music, to drown out exterior sounds that came through the cabin.

The interior of the car is spacious, and I like the visibility from the drivers seat. There are no blind spots, and the seat is easy to position to provide for an optimal driving experience. All pedals and controls are within easy reach, and I like how much room there is. Tall people will like driving this car, as the legroom is among the best I’ve ever seen. The front seats provide a lot of support, and if you are of a larger frame, there is plenty of space to move around in. The back seats are excellent, and small children will be satisfied enough to avoid asking, “Are we there yet?” Two adults will be fine back there, although three might be a bit of a stretch.

The trunk has a lot of room, and there are storage compartments in the front and back seats. The interior is a bit on the conservative side, but that is much better than the coffee shop textures that some car manufacturers have used. All of the controls are easy to use, and if you like bulky sized buttons, this is the perfect vehicle for you. This is a good vehicle for short trips, and it will provide a lot of comfort for long trips and summer vacations. Although this car only has a 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, you can be assured that with Toyota’s legendary quality, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything until well after 100,000 miles. I am glad that this company decided to reinvent the Camry, and make it an exciting and practical family car.