2010 Mini Cooper Convertible Vs. 2010 VW Beetle Convertible

2010 Mini Cooper Convertible vs. 2010 VW Beetle Convertible

Beach battle

The battle of two hot cars – the 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible and the 2010 VW Beetle Convertible:

Sporty, funky and just plain yummy the 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible is cute as a button. BMW does it again with that youthful attitude of “why not”. It makes you think of careless summer days on the beach, sweet songs and low music. If you like convertibles, get a hold of this – all power folding top cloth, with the option to be slid back – the convertible’s sunroof, if you will. With a thicker material used to make the cloth, the noise on the inside of the car is considerably less. That makes for some sweet, sweet talkin’.

Colors galore – you go sassy, you go fun, you go flashy – the Mini Copper is showy to say the least. Attention follows this car like a sick puppy. People just can’t tear themselves away. The rear seats fold down so you can get all your beach necessities in there, as well as anything else you might need – say you’re thinking of bringing your sporting goods like head tennis racquets with you.

On the road, the Mini Cooper runs like a dream with electric power steering that gives you control – not to o touchy, but still with the ‘feel’ of driving. Nobody wants a car that makes you fall asleep when you’re driving it. That’s what chauffeurs are for. The 1.6L 6-cylinder engine runs smooth and most say that the 6-speed manual is worth the ride, with gears that shift with ease. For safety, drivers can opt for ABS, antiskid system and airbags are standard.

The 2010 VW Beetle Convertible is just as cute as the Mini Cooper and is classic Volkswagen material. It has all the trimmings with a soft power-folding top, air-conditioning, cruise control, premium audio system and more. The top is pretty close to convenient, but it certainly doesn’t beat out the BMW Mini – there’s still a manual component, as small as it is. If you are looking to buy one of these.

Another disadvantage over the Mini is the back rear space and headroom, as well as insufficient room to carry anything much larger than some suitcases and boxes. One cool feature on the VW is the flower vase on the dashboard, which really serves no purpose besides to lift your spirits if you’re down.

The 2010 VW Beetle handles well on the road, but there have been better models before it, and there will be to come. The 2010 Mini Cooper however, makes me want to throw a beach party.

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